RealLeadValidation FAQ

Why RealLeadValidation?

The Internet Lead business is fraught with bad applications resulting from erroneous data being entered, inexact validation tools, dubious publishers repurposing applications and outright fraud for financial gain. In effect, we have a catch me if you can environment.
What does do?

If all the lead buyers indexed their leads through an independent third party, certain, very valuable information regarding the lead can be determined;

  • When did the lead first appear on the market (How old is it.. really?)
  • Was it purchased by someone else before this appearance (Non-exclusive)
  • Did the lead identifier appear in multiple industries (Co-Reg)

Of course, the more Lead Buyers participating, the more robust the feedback will be. As with all Community efforts (Crowd Sourcing) endeavors, the database of lead identifiers will grow over time and become a very valuable reference database. Last and certainly as important, is the phone number working? Non-working and invalid phone numbers render a lead useless and worthless. Optionally for Pennies per validation, RealLeadValidation offers a RealPhoneValidation whereby the telephone number(s) is called to verify that it is indeed a working phone number. This is not a database lookup; it’s a REAL phone call.

How Does RealLeadValidation work?

RealLeadValidation is a screen that sits between you, the Lead Buyer, and your Lead Supplier. The Lead Supplier sends the lead to the RealLeadValidation Processor which creates an index for that lead. That index is checked against a database of prior lead indexes and the Appends to your Lead, Age of the Lead, How many times the lead was sold and how many industries have we seen this index in.
Optionally, a RealPhoneValidation is performed.
The findings are appended to your Suppliers transmission and the lead comes to you EXACTLY like you’ve always gotten your leads!
Can I Look At My Results?

RealLeadValidation provides you with a simplified CRM backend that allows you to look at the results of each lead validation, add your own return reasons and download a spreadsheet that can be used when returning bad leads to your supplier.
Privacy Policy

RealLeadValidation, associated Companies and Service Providers will NEVER use, disclose or otherwise repurpose your data except in the execution of anonymous indexing for the purposes of RealLeadValidation services.
Which Industries does RealLeadValidation Serve?

New Car Leads • Auto Finance • Payday Loan • Insurance • EDU • Mortgage • Banking • Medical • Legal
What do you do with my leads?

We’ll never use or recall your leads. Our purpose is to make leads Real. That’s it.
How do I interface?

RealLeadValidation sits between you and your supplier.
You tell them to direct the lead to RealLeadValidation. You tell RealLeadValidation how you currently receive the lead. Whether you use a CRM, email, or Fax, we can deliver it directly to your regular point of delivery. You can even use our CRM, free of charge. You receive the leads exactly the way you get them now with the results of RealLeadValidation appended to the lead.
Timing – How long does it take?

There is no delay, unless milliseconds matter to you.