RealLeadValidation – Basic plan is free – Premium starts at 10¢ per validation

Lead buyers can start making sure that they’re getting REAL data – but only if they start working together. The upside? It can save you a significant portion of your lead budget, as well as valuable time and money by knowing that lead is bogus from the get go. Save your sales team. Save your BDC. Level the playing field. This works for sellers as well, who get to make sure their affiliates are sending them good traffic. Sign Up Now!

    • Why are you doing this?

      The leads industry needs a chance to clean up it’s act, and it can’t do better than work together. We’re in this business simply to provide validation services: not to sell the leads, or the data. We believe everyone benefits from RealValidation.

    • How does RealLeadValidation make money?

      By providing premium services. Our base RealLeadValidation is wicked fast and wicked cheap (but also wicked valuable). Our premium services also save you time and money. The industry isn’t going anywhere and we are here to help strengthen it.

    • How will I receive the leads?

      Exactly the same as you do now. Whether you receive your leads directly into a CRM, have them emailed, or faxed, your leads will be delivered exactly as now with the results of RealLeadValidation appended. You can even use our CRM, free of charge.

    • What makes it easy to do returns?

      We put the validation results right in front of you. You can quickly see the number of times sold, age, and origination of the lead. Then, you can tell your providers you only want REAL leads, and show them the proof.

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Working (and Returning!) Leads Just Got Easier

Running leads through the RLV filters eliminates many bad leads, allowing you to work the leads that pay.

The RealLeadValidation process causes these (sometime violent) reactions by lead buyers:

    • Aging

    It’s an old lead? How old? You saw it 57 days ago!! And I paid full price!? Get the supplier on the phone!

    • Exclusive

    Oh, so the lead was sold to three of my competitors over the last month. Figures.

    • Co-Reg

    Yeah, I remember wanting to get a car, a house, and new insurance policies on the same day. Something tells me this guy isn’t in the market.

    • Premium
      Phone Validation

    Great, so I have an old lead that was sold a dozen times, and now the phone is disconnected.